Club Welfare Policy


The Football Club is charged by the Football Association of Wales and the respective Football Leagues that the players participate in, to ensure that all persons who have access to children (under the age of 18 years) has been subjected to a Criminal Records Unit check, and is aware of their responsibility in respect of Child Protection.

The Football Club has a responsibility for making 'Football Safe' and to ensure that children have the right to:

  • Respect
  • Information about themselves
  • Be protected from harm
  • Have a say in their life
  • A good start
  • Be and feel secure

In the 'front line' of achieving these Objectives are the Team Managers and their Support Staff.

Team Managers and their Support Staff with their weekly contact with the children will be the first to see any untoward signs that children are being bullied, abused or otherwise ill treated. It is a fine line that we all walk in this area, but if a child seems to be acting now in a totally different manner than before, this MAY be a sign that there is something amiss. If the child discloses anything to you then the way to deal with the situation is to:

  • Stay calm
  • Reassure the child that he/she is not to blame
  • Do not make any promises of confidentiality or the outcome
  • Keep questions to a minimum
  • If the child is in need of medical attention arrange for it to be provided

Team Managers should then report the matter to the Football Club's Welfare Officer, or in his absence the Deputy Welfare Officer, who will make their own enquiries and liaise with the respective League's Welfare Officer.

Part of the Football Association of Wales procedures is to circulate Clubs and Organisations with a strictly confidential 'FAW Child Protection List' of people who should not work with children.

Welfare Officer: Richard Parry, 27 Tan y Bryn Road, HOLYHEAD, Anglesey. LL65 1AR

Tel: 01407 762904

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Policy Statement No 1

Dated 20th February, 2009